Steve Sorensen On Net worth of Top Fortune 500 Companies

Do you know which US company topped this year’s Fortune 500 list? Sorry, Apple fans, but your favorite tech company hasn’t breached the Top 5 yet! I’m Steve Sorensen, and the net worth of Fortune 500 companies has always fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Join me on my business website as I talk about the largest and most valuable companies in the country!

Fortune 500 Companies’ Net worth

For those who may not know or have heard about the Fortune 500, it’s an annual ranking of companies based on revenue. According to their official website, they’ve been doing this for 62 years now—if you’re curious about their methodology, you can learn more about it on their website.

To my mind, Fortune 500 has become somewhat of a benchmark for companies; it’s a big honor and achievement to make it into the list. Apart from the recognition, it’s also another way to gauge where one company might stand against another. In the example above, I used Apple because the company has such a strong and dominant brand. However, despite its seemingly mammoth market presence, the tech company is actually far from claiming the top spot of the Fortune 500. This apparent discrepancy, between the perception we have over a company’s net worth and their real net worth, is one of the things I will delve into on this website.

Fortune 500 has a separate ranking for local companies, which I will be focusing on more. However, I may, at times, talk about companies found in the Global Fortune 500 list, just for comparison’s sake.

Steve Sorensen, Net worth Blogger

You may think it strange, that I should blog about company net worth among other business topics. As this is my first venture into blogging, I thought it would be best to settle on a niche market for now. Besides my fascination for the topic—on how companies manage to scale and grow—I believe there are many other topics I can cover that are related to the subject matter.

Other topics I can discuss on my website are revenue, sales forecasting, and predicting future values. If you notice, the last one is most applicable to the tech industry. Given that start-up and venture capital firms are in vogue—and I think the trend will persist for several decades—I believe there’s a lot of interesting content out there which will be of interest to my readers.

When it comes to predicting future values, you may think of it as a game. On one hand, sure, there are metrics and figures we can use to make an intelligent guess about what a company will be worth, yet on the other hand, we, fortunately, have history to keep us grounded with our valuations. I’m talking about the dot-com boom and bust in the 90s, which can be somewhat considered as a predecessor of the tech industry.

Overall, I’m excited to share what I know, and I hope you are too! Once again, I’m Steve Sorensen, your net worth blogger, and detective for Fortune 500 companies. Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you here again soon!