About Steve Sorensen, Your Net worth Blogger

Steve Sorensen, your net worth blogger covering Fortune 500 companies, is on a mission: to educate readers about business. To be more specific, Steve would like to help readers learn about net worth, revenues, sales forecasting, and predicting future values. The topics covered on this blog should be helpful for all kinds of professionals, from C-levels and fresh grads to freelancers and mid-level managers.

Ever since Steve was a child, he has always been interested in business and finance. His parents, who are both bankers, played a significant role in Steve’s desire to learn the ins and outs of business. Steve’s interest in it also stems from his relatives’ diverse business backgrounds. On his father’s side, he has several relatives who are successful self-made entrepreneurs in the retail industry. On the other hand, his mother’s side is in real estate, with several residential and commercial properties in Iowa. With such strong entrepreneurial roots on both sides of the family, Steve has always known early on that his calling was in business.

Steve is a Business graduate degree holder from Iowa State University. His first job was as a Credit Analyst for a local bank. Steve eventually left the corporate world to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Realizing the game-changing potential of the Internet, Steve boldly ventured into e-commerce. He was hired by his relatives to help put up their respective businesses on the web. This resulted in a dramatic increase in revenues, which spurred Steve’s interest in business even more.

Now Steve has set his sights on becoming the most knowledgeable net worth blogger on the Internet. Gathering his corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Steve likens himself to a detective whose job is to uncover the trade secrets of Fortune 500 companies. Apart from talking about these companies’ net worth, Steve would also like to explain to readers what these business numbers mean and their implications.

Through this business blog, Steve hopes to strengthen the country’s business landscape by encouraging more people to pursue the entrepreneurial path. By sharing the successful stories of these Fortune 500 companies, Steve hopes that others will be inspired and take courage.

When Steve has free time on his hands, he likes to play tennis. He often plays on the weekends with his friends from college. His favorite player is Roger Federer who has been the perfect role model to adults and the youth alike. Even when it comes to tennis, Steve is always thinking about business. He thinks the sport has valuable lessons to impart on anyone who wishes to become a successful entrepreneur.

On an ending note, readers of this blog may be surprised to know that Steve’s favorite music is country music. Believe it or not, Steve listens to Taylor Swift, even before she crossed genres to become an international pop singing sensation.

If you have any questions for Steve Sorensen, about the net worth of Fortune 500 companies, or anything related to this blog, please feel free to send them over. Steve will do his best to get back to his readers promptly regarding their concerns