Steve Sorensen: Net worth of Top Tech Companies

I’m Steve Sorensen, your net worth and business blogger from Iowa, and I have always been fascinated by the huge growth and size of the Top Fortune 500 Companies. Besides business net worth, I am also keenly interested in the top tech companies. For the life of me, I can’t even begin to imagine how much different modern living would be right now, if not for the innovations and genius of the following companies:


The revolutionary iPhone was my first smartphone (I use an iPhone 6s). I also owned several iPods over the course of my life—an iPod mini and an iPod nano. Ever since I started using a Mac in the last decade, I’ve never used anything else. I am also a huge fan of Steve Jobs’ grit and determination. Given such information about me, to say that I am a fan of Apple would be an understatement. The $700 billion company is more than just a tech company. To me, the Apple brand is a lifestyle and a way of being.


Google, or should I say Alphabet, has become one of the most recognizable tech brands in the market, thanks to the success of its search engine. From then on, the $ 360 billion company has been on what you can call an innovation spree, with side projects like Google X, Nest, Google Capital, and Google Venture, to name a few. Late last year, Google revealed that the company restructured and that its parent company will be now known as Alphabet, Inc. Fans had mixed reactions to the news, but regardless of the name’s popularity, there’s no stopping the tech company and CEO Sundar Pichai from taking over the world.


Ah, Microsoft. Before everything else, there was Microsoft. My first computer ran on the Windows OS and frankly, I think the $ 340 billion company forever changed how people adopted computers into their daily lives. I think if Apple made laptops and computers look cool, then Microsoft certainly deserves credit for making the personal computer accessible to the public. While Microsoft hasn’t had the best of luck in the mobile segment, the company has made it clear that they’re sticking to their strengths, which is to become the leader in productivity.


Look out Apple and Google, Facebook seems aggressive in its bid to become the next leader in tech, steadily climbing the net worth ranks. Already worth around $230 billion, Facebook strategically acquired companies like the popular social media platform Instagram in 2012. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has also been on a philanthropic streak in the last few years, providing free basic Internet services to countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. If you think Facebook has already peaked at 1 billion users, and that the company has nowhere to go but done, then think again—the social media giant reportedly saw a 17% increase in usage last year.

For more business news, you can stay tuned to this page. Steve Sorensen, the net worth blogger, is fascinated by tech companies and their future value.